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To achieve something new - a part of you must die...

If you have an important goal, I guarantee that what got you here, won't get you there.

Think about it, you are not the same version you were before you started your business, before you got promoted to the big leagues, before you bought the house of your dreams... You had to become an upgraded version of yourself to achieve these goals.

The secret to exponential growth is keeping the 20% that will help you move forward and letting go of the 80% that will hold you back.

When I made the move from corporate life to entrepreneurship I kept my resilience, service-drive, empathy, resourcefulness, knowledge of corporate dynamics and my network.

And I had to let go of my 80% which included of impostor syndrome, perfectionism, fear of being seen and criticized, using fear as my main motivation and overworking - among others.


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