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Speaking and Workshops

As an inspirational and motivational speaker, I regularly speak at company and self-development events. Click on the contact us section to hire me for your next event.

Corporate Workshops

We will design and deliver the perfect workshop or training day to achieve your business goals


1 / Emotions@Work

Using the latest research on neurobiology and psychology, we provide your employees with an effective model to regulate their emotions, leading to higher emotional intelligence, exceptional results, better collaboration and easier conflict resolution.

2 / Effective Change Management  

As experts in change and transformation, we teach your employees how to manage the constant changes that are now normal in the business world and to apply effective tools and principals to big and small change initiatives within the organisation. 

3 / Leadership for Uncommon Results 

Great leaders are the foundation of any successful business. In this workshop we help your leaders develop their own powerful leadership style and address the challenges they are facing in achieving business results.

4 / Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution 

Using our Uncommon Results Method and the latest research on emotional intelligence, we teach your employees the most effective methods to resolve conflict within themselves and their teams. 

5 / Stress Management and Well-being 

Stressed employees cost businesses millions every year. This preventatives workshop is designed to teach your employees how to manage stress effectively and avoid burnout.

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