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People say there is no magic bullet, but your life CAN change in a moment, mine has

Today, I was reminded of an old story that highlights the power of experience and the impact a single insight can have on our lives.

A giant engine in a factory had failed, and despite consulting numerous so-called "experts," the owners were unable to find a solution. Frustrated, they turned to an old man with years of engine-fixing experience. With a brief inspection, he pulled out a humble hammer from his tool bag and tapped the engine gently. Miraculously, the engine sprang back to life.

A week later, the owners received an unexpected invoice from the old man, totaling $1,000. Curious, they requested an itemized bill to justify the cost.

The old man's response was simple yet profound:

  • Use of a hammer: $1.00

  • Knowing where to tap: $999.00

This story serves as a reminder that finding the right leverage point, the pivotal insight, or the key to unlock success can transform our lives in an instant.

That's why I'm deeply passionate about coaching and my Uncommon Results Goal Achievement System. It's designed to help individuals and organisations discover their own "tapping points" and unleash their full potential.


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