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Uncommon Business Results

If you want to be the Unicorn, the 1%, the trailblazer - and to achieve what the average business owner or organisation can only dream of - you've come to the right place.

It's evident that the current way of leading companies and doing business is not working for people. Otherwise, why would be facing an unprecedented health crisis where mental illness, stress, and burnout have become the norm for employees?

All over the world, business owners and employees alike are unfulfilled, abnormally stressed, or sick, and companies are paying the price. Thankfully, we are starting to see evidence that a positive impact, healthy employees, and high profits are NOT mutually exclusive. 

As experts in the science of change and transformation, we are on a mission to create the future of work by empowering companies and leaders to build impactful, human-centric cultures, with resilient, fulfilled, engaged and happy employees who bring innovation, passion and a unwavering commitment to results and the bottom line.

Our tailored programmes based on our unique Uncommon Results Achievement Method, rooted in neuroscience, psychology, coaching, self-development and business principals, are empowering leaders and organisations from all over the world to achieve uncommon results through impact and purpose. 

Stand Up Meeting

Uncommon Results

Our clients regularly achieve uncommon results and lasting change

Time Management & Productivity

Everyone has 24 hours in the day what you do with them determines your success. Our clients regularly work less hours while producing bigger results.

Business Growth and Revenue

Manage the change that comes with fast growth. Hyper focus your efforts on the best tactics to get new clients and skyrocket revenue.

Owner and Executive     Well-being 

Stress is the disease of modern times. We help you and your team manage stress levels to increase productivity and innovation.

Business Services

Our tailored solutions, based on our unique Uncommon Results Achievement Method, empower small business owners manage change, retain employees, make a massive impact and grow.

Abstract Structure

As an owner/founder you play a pivotal part in the growth of your company. Through our method, we help you manage your time, create balance and focus on the right levers for growth. 

Casual Meeting

A one-on-one coaching approach to executives achieve better results, be more fulfilled and make a large business impact.

Giving a Speech

The most impactful way to reach employees at all levels of the organisation and align for rapid and long lasting change.

Did you know?

What could your business achieve if you fix your people problems?
"I highly recommend Ilse. She brings a unique set of skills: tech prowess, understanding of marketing and an ability to grasp the big picture of many business platforms. She also excels at guiding you down a path to get your vision clear, but also knows how to guide you in the details of execution.  Shes caring, inspiring and a pleasure to work with"

Gerry Mihalick- Portfolio Manager and Entrepreneur

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