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The consultancy business is booming but it faces its unique set of challenges, including culture scaling, capacity and delivery and competition. I bring my 25 years of consultancy experience to help you future-proof your practice.

The Competition is Real

But you don't have to fight alone

Running a grow consultancy can feel both exciting and stressful at times, juggling the responsibility of a growing team, capacity issues, hiring issues, team conflict, keeping your partners happy, competing against the big 4... the list goes on. 

Having the privileged to sit in boards of hyper-growth consultancies - Microsoft and Service Now partners and the like and  I've seen it all - a company that looked successful on the outside but nearly went bankrupt twice due to people problems, consultancies that have built strong culture brands and sustained 100%+ growth for many years and everything in between. 


Since 2016, I've been helping consultancy leaders grow their confidence and align their teams, enabling them to deliver outstanding work that consistently exceeds client expectations.

By fostering a cohesive team environment and streamlining processes, I help you retain clients and build long-term success. Additionally, I focus on building and protecting a great company culture, which is crucial for retaining your talented employees.


My approach not only enhances your immediate performance but also prepares your practice to navigate future challenges with confidence and agility.

Uncommon Outcomes

My clients grow their businesses in an uncommon way - with less stress and burnout, more team alignment and positive impact. As a byproduct of our work, my clients often grow substantially, even during economic downturns.

Abstract Structure

Cultivate a growth mindset

Embed a winning growth mindset in yourself, your leaders and your teams. It has been proven that a growth mindset, creates more innovation, satisfaction, resilience and growth.

Casual Meeting

Protect Your Culture 

When your business is changing fast and you are hiring at scale, there is an imminent possibility that your culture will break, employees become dissatisfied and leave and you are unable to serve your customers.

Giving a Speech

Align Teams for Productivity

When their is conflict and among your teams, decision making is slow, productivity suffers and client service takes a dive. By aligning your teams and making them more productive you ensure continued growth. 

Let's Work Together

"To be honest, I was surprised at the growth we have achieved, because it made a material difference, 6 months ago, I knew that this was something that we need to do but I thought to myself I’d be surprised if it made a material difference like it did" - Ice Blue Sky - 400% pipeline growth and 16% revenue growth in 6 months.

Charlotte-Graham Cumming, Owner and CEO

Ice Blue Sky - Marketing Agency

Did you know?

How much could you saved if you fixed your people problems?

Increase Productivity & Decrease Employee Turnover 

In this ultimate guide, I give you all the steps you need to follow to align your teams, increase productivity, protect your culture and expand your business.

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