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Align teams, protect your culture and future-proof your business 
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Managing Growth Through Culture, Mindset and People

Welcome! Since 2016, I've helped ambitious small business owners solve their people problems so they can protect their growth and futureproof their business.

Business owners and senior leaders typically reach out to me when their company is growing but they are experiencing team conflictcultural dilution, overstretched resources and difficulty maintaining quality for their offers and services. All factors that if mismanaged can rack up costs, undermine future growth or a profitable exit.

Business growth is somewhat common; but my small business clients achieve The Uncommon by growing with less stress, burnout, cultural dilution and more impact, even through economic downturns and adverse world events.

Combining 25 years of board-level marketing experience in hyper-growth environments, a strong track record of results, and the power of Growth Mindset, I enable possibilities, expansion and prosperity for leaders and their teams.

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Let's Work Together

"Thanks to Ilse's tailored coaching and strategic insights, our team is more cohesive and confident than ever.
We've seen remarkable growth, 231% ROI and a significant reduction in stress across the company"

Rebecca Miller

Co-founder and CEO

Assist Marketing Agency

Uncommon Outcomes

My clients grow their businesses in an uncommon way - with less stress and burnout, more team alignment and positive impact. As a byproduct of our work, my clients often grow substantially, even during economic downturns.

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Cultivate a growth mindset

Embed a winning growth mindset in yourself, your leaders and your teams. It has been proven that a growth mindset, creates more innovation, satisfaction, resilience and growth.

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Protect Your Culture 

When your business is changing fast and you are hiring at scale, there is an imminent possibility that your culture will break, employees become dissatisfied and leave and you are unable to serve your customers.

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Align Teams for Productivity

When their is conflict and among your teams, decision making is slow, productivity suffers and client service takes a dive. By aligning your teams and making them more productive you ensure continued growth. 


To be a catalyst for growth, possibilities and prosperity for business owners and their teams

Ilse Passet

Business Coach and Mindset Expert 

As the Founder and CEO of Ilse Passet Coaching, Ilse is on a mission to create possibility, opportunities and prosperity for small business owners, leaders and teams. 

Ilse brings the perfect blend of experience- 25 years working in Marketing for hyper-growth companies, 10 years of coaching experience and her Uncommon Results Method ™- to help companies grow with less friction and more impact. 

Her clients describe her work as the "missing piece of the puzzle", and cite that the mindset work has been invaluable in their growth journey. 


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Increase Productivity & Decrease Employee Turnover 

In this ultimate guide, I give you all the steps you need to follow to align your teams, increase productivity, protect your culture and expand your business.

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