Be yourself – The Power of Authenticity

Being yourself can be very powerful in all areas of your life. Especially if you recently made the jump and started a new business. This video is for your, my courageous friend.


Hello everyone welcome to my video blog. For those of you who don’t know me and this is your first time here my name is
Ilse and I am an accredited life transformational coach.

Today I wanted to talk about living an authentic life and the power of authenticity. I started exploring authenticity in my own life when I started launching my coaching business.

When you are a solopreneur or when you start kind of branching out on your own or having your own practice, no matter which industry or sector it is in you start seeing a lot of different pieces of advice out there and I think it’s the same thing for anything that you do in your life. If you’re going to have a baby tons of people have advice, if you’re going to buy a house tons of people have advice on how to do it, and what is the best way to do it.

But what I realized was that I was very quickly getting overwhelmed by all this business advice that people were giving me, and I am sure it worked for them and they had a really good intention when they were advertising and talking about this but it didn’t necessarily mean that that would be something that works for me. So I had subscribed to many different blogs, I was receiving emails,  and I was getting all of this messages sometimes that were conflicting you know sometimes they were a bit outlandish but the reality was that I was getting quite overwhelmed and that these thing didn’t necessarily resonate with me.

So what I did is I actually completely disconnected. I unsubscribed from every newsletter I, you know, I stopped looking at websites with advice or things like that. I even stopped using Facebook for a while because a lot of those ads were coming up on my feed, and I really just worked on my intuition and myself, and my own guidance because you know we’re all smart people, I think we all whole, we’re all perfect already, so we have a lot of the answers that we’re actually looking for but sometimes  it’s about having the courage to listen to those answers and be authentic and that’s hard sometimes because you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing, you don’t want to go against the flow in a way and you’re like “well I haven’t done that before so how how do I know if I’m going to succeed?” for example, if you have a new business or things like that. The truth is and you already have a lot of those answers within you, and there are some things that you’re going to be comfortable with and some things that you’re not.

And for me the thing that really helped me out in my in my coaching practice it’s just being myself, and really letting myself guide me in a way, and having the courage to listen and and to try things. And obviously not everything has worked, but one of the things that I’m really proud of is that everything has been authentic. So what you’re seeing is kind of the true me, my true experience, and things that have happened to me, which are the things I’m sharing. And so that’s a little bit about my story with authenticity, but that just kind of got me thinking about how important that is in in sort of normal life, and how often in our lives we are not showing who we are because we think that we need to comply with a certain standard or that we have to be a certain way to be successful. But at the end of the day, I think if we just let ourselves shine and we do things that we are comfortable with, and then we show ourselves as we are, and like again what I said in terms of your comfort level, so being comfortable with who you are and sure of who you are, I think ultimately you will reach your goals because people will want to connect with you and people will understand you, and they will see that you are authentic.

And especially in sort of marketing and in videos and things like that, I can see it right away I think people can see it right away if  you’re looking at someone and you just know there’s something off about them, you think they’re trying to tell you something that you don’t need or you know that they’re not being honest, think that has to do a little bit with that these people are following other people’s methods in north and not their own so they don’t come out as fully transparent and they’re not able to connect with sort of their audiences

So the message of this video is that there is value in having an authenticity practice, or practicing authenticity in your life, and although its not going to be the easiest thing at first, if you start thinking about areas of your life where you’d like to be more
yourself, or more authentically, especially if you’re starting a business, having more of that introspection and looking at yourself as opposed to what other people are kind of saying, and you don’t have to disconnect like I did,  but kind of taking everything with a pinch of salt, and really asking yourself – “is this good for me? – does this feel okay for me? – does this is feel comfortable? – is this the kind of person I want to be?”  I think there’s a lot of value in that because you will start building a life that it’s more aligned with with your great personality, and is showing the world all of your good qualities and your amazing opinions and, all of your thoughts and your ways of doing things. And it’s ultimately going to lead you to a lot of fulfilling relationships and fulfillment in life. So put some of these in practice, and I welcome any comments about the authenticity topic. How are you more authentic in your life, and I would love to hear from you. And also check out the other videos on my blog and have an awesome day today!

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