The Missing Ingredient to Skyrocket Your Career

Did you know?  A study conducted by CV Library, revealed that 55.6% of British employees are dissatisfied with their current roles.


A lot of the wonderful people I work with are unhappy at their jobs, they lack motivation and confidence, and they are constantly stressed. They suffer from impostor syndrome and spend huge amounts of energy trying to fit in or say or do the right thing. Some live in fear that they will be found out and fired and they are anxious all the time.

But, they don’t understand why they are unhappy. Often times they are following a career dream they had as a child, or following the path that is expected of them. Sometimes, they ended up exactly where they wanted only to find out that they are not happy. They dislike the organization they work for and their co-workers, but they are sticking it out because the money is good or a promotion may be close by, or they think work is supposed to suck.

Some of my clients have followed the career advise that is currently in vogue, like “how to ace an interview” or “how to use emotional intelligence at work” but they are still stuck. And while emotional intelligence or interview skills are super important, they are missing the key ingredient, the cornerstone, the holy grail of job satisfaction – Purpose.

You see, once you make a certain amount of money and your basic needs are met you get decreasing returns on investment when it comes to your happiness. At that point purpose, meaning and contribution become the biggest contributing factors to career success!

It is no wonder so many people are unhappy at work, as no educational institution or training teaches us how to find our why or our life purpose and build from there. The very first step I work on with clients is on getting crystal clear on what is their main purpose in life, whether it is practical or spiritual. Once that has been defined, my clients often see their careers skyrocketing, often times making more money and experiencing actual happiness and satisfaction at work.

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Photo by KEEM IBARRA on Unsplash

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