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Working Together

Powerful leaders, uncommon Results through unparalleled coaching

Applying our proprietary Uncommon Results Method, we've helped leaders at all levels of the organisation to achieve better results and more fulfillment both at work and in their personal lives.



1 / Develop a leadership style that works

Become the leader you always wanted to have and create a leadership style that is conducive to results achievement and a positive impact on your teams.

2 / Balance your life and increase fulfillment

Achieve the right balance for you, and get satisfaction across all areas of your life. Enjoy all your activities instead of feeling that you have to run from one thing to the next. 

3 / Manage stress and avoid burnout

A little stress is ok, but our bodies are not build to live in constant stress. With cutting age neuroscience tools, I help you manage your stress levels so you can enjoy your activities and still achieve all your important goals, without burning out. 

4 / Find a job you love 

Find the next right job for you, learn to negotiate the best salary and package and go through the experience with more joy and less stress than working on it alone.

5 / Start your own business 

Leverage your experience to start your own consulting, coaching or service-based business. Avoid the pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs and achieve profitability faster and with more satisfaction than going at it alone. 

"Working with Ilse has allowed us to grow at unprecedented levels. Her Uncommon Results approach, has helped us and our employees be more productive, feel more empowered and make a bigger impact in our revenue, communities and the environment"

Antonio Verting, Co-Founder

Tetra Consulting

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