Happiness is here NOW. You don’t have to wait until you get home and binge watch Netflix, or the weekend comes and you can go out to have a drink with your friends, or until you are married or have a baby or your next vacation. The big “secret” that happier people know is that happiness is found in the moment.

In this video, I talk about the power of being present and how it can help you up your happiness game! Think about it, the only moment that you truly have is right now. Here are some of the ways you can be more mindful everyday:

  • Have a mantra that brings you back to the present moment
  • Read the “Power of Now” by Eckhart toll
  • Train your brain to recognize when you are going into the past or into a possible future and bring yourself back to the now
  • Make every single moment an experience, no matter what you are doing – even making dinner can make you happier!

Living in the past can make you feel guilty – like relieving that moment when you told your BFF that she sucked, or told your sibling to get out of your life or when you didn’t talk to that cute guy – thinking about that right now is going to take away from your happiness, not add to it.

And, living in a possible future, thinking how you are going to suck at your presentation, or that you will never find your significant other or that they will stop making blue M&Ms, which by the way most likely won’t happen, then you are missing out on all the joy of your present experience.

So, living in the past or the future can suck the happiness out of life.

Watch the video, and leave your comments and questions.

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Video Transcript
Hello and thank you for visiting my video blog. I wanted to talk to you today about the power of being present, the power of mindfulness because this is a topic that is very close to my heart, and it is at the cornerstone of my everyday practice, whether it’s in my personal life or my business life, and I just wanted to speak a little bit about how mindfulness works and how I implement strategies in my life to be more mindful.

So, mindfulness has actually become one of those buzzwords in the last few years that everybody talking about – “mindfulness” and “mindfulness courses” and “meditation” and all these things, but mindfulness at its core is a very basic concept which  talks about being present. Now, because of the way we live, and the way our life is structured, we have forgotten about what it is like to be present, what it is like to be here, in the now. So for me, and this is my own definition of mindfulness, being mindful and being present means enjoying and feeling the whole experience of the moment that I’m in. So, it means in its core letting go of
the past – so I’m going to stop thinking about what happened yesterday, what happened this morning, what I have for breakfast and things like that, and I’m also going to let go gently of the future, so any anxiety related to the future. What am I going to do for dinner? what is going to happen 10 years from now? What I’m going to do for my business? What I’m going to do for the weekend? – You know all those little things that keep us living in in the future.

For me, in its core, mindfulness is just living in the moment. And the challenge with that is actually reminding ourselves to live in the moment because we all have long to-do lists, kids to pick up from school, dinner to make, you know school to go to work etc etc. That’s why it is hard to even remember to be mindful. And I became so passionate about this because I realized that we are losing out on a lot of our life experiences because we’re not really there in that essence – We are working on something but we are thinking about something else, we’re reading a book but we’re thinking about something else, or we’re
making dinner but we’re thinking about something else, so we are losing out on that particular experience that we have at that moment. Now, at a practical level, that makes it hard to remember things, and sometimes it happens to me, if you’re not paying attention you don’t remember things that can help you down the road – details about a project that you’re doing, or a
conversation that you had with someone, it creates more work down the road and at the same time not letting you kind of enjoy that experience and learn from that experience and truly be happy. That’s what kind of drove me to start
having a mindfulness practice in my life.

And I actually wanted to talk to you about a book that I read and I’ve actually been recommending it to all my clients and my friends because I just found it so very useful. A lot of you will be familiar with this book is called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He is a world-renowned spiritual and self-improvement leader, and this book although it is small, and you can
look at it from there, it’s small, it’s not a quick read in the sense that he has a lot of food for thought. As I was reading it while I enjoyed it a lot, I found that I was kind of pausing to really think about things. And some of the things that I talked about come
come from this book that Eckhart Tolle talks about. So if you want to start a mindfulness practice that could be a good starting point for you, you could read the book, but I think in essence the easiest ways for us to be mindful is to remind ourselves to be mindful.

And to make that a practice in our lives, to make that something automatic, not something that we always have to focus on, and make an effort to do. It just becomes something that your mind is actually going to do. So if you are cooking dinner and you find that your mind is drifting to what am I going to have for dessert? or even what’s going to happen in the office tomorrow? or things like that. It’s just to gently say “in the present” , “in the moment”,  so I always just think “be in the moment” that’s sort of my mantra, just be in the moment, and then that kind of brings me back to where I am and to actually look at the colors of the vegetables that I’m cutting, and all of these little things that are happening which, sound like very minute details, but those are
the details that kind of make up life and sort of the enjoyment of life, and when you start like looking at those things they just affect your fulfillment and you happiness as a whole. That’s kind of like my advice in terms of mindfulness, of the things that have worked for me, and so read the book if you’re interested and remind yourself to be present and start experimenting and see how that feels and give yourself permission to truly enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is and that’s one of the things that I noticed.

The last point I’d like to make, and one of the things that I noticed when I started doing this practice, is that when I don’t feel good and when I feel there’s resistance or even a negative emotion, I immediately tell myself “okay let’s come back to the present”or “be present” and when I did that, I realized that  quite often I was thinking about something that happened before or something that happened after, or that’s going to happen after – in the future, and that just makes me realize you know what this is not happening right now. Right now, I’m living in this particular moment and I can action this particular moment, in this moment is the only one that I can actually affect, and that often brings me back to that place where I can feel neutral or even positive about what I’m doing and that was a big revelation for me because I didn’t realize how often I live in the past or in the future – mostly in the future – and that causes a lot of anxiety so this is a really great practice to gain fulfillment and to enjoy the things that you’re doing in your life.

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