Even Happy People Cry

Even Happy People Cry – My Cacao Ceremony Experience

Happy people don’t ever feel sad or cry, right? I mean look at Facebook, all the pictures you see show perfectly dressed and made up women cruising through their perfect lives. Which makes a lot of us think that this must be the way it is for “happy people”, and it’s not. That’s why I wanted to share my recent experience with you.

I’ve always been intrigued by ancient wisdom and rituals, I feel that our ancestors knew something that we have forgotten. So when I heard about Cacao Ceremonies – modeled after ancient South American native rituals, I knew I had to try it. Basically, you set an intention, drink raw organic hot cacao with other open-minded people, and then you go on a guided meditation with a Shaman. This time the ceremony lasted about 5 hours – I didn’t even feel the time go by. Before we started, our Shaman Rebekah told us that we may cry and that this is the way the cocoa plant helps us to release the bad stuff. I had an amazing journey, with lots of great images and insights, but I didn’t cry.

The next day, I had no idea what happened but it was like someone opened up the faucet. I hadn’t cried like that in years. I fought the tears at first but they just kept coming… and all I was thinking was how I’m a happiness coach and this is not ok. Finally, I just gave in and let it all come out. I cried over some recent seemingly insignificant but painful experiences, I cried because I miss my family and friends in Canada, I cried because sometimes I’m afraid and I’m still finding my way. I cried until I felt asleep. I woke up the next morning, puffy-eyed and feeling cleansed, peaceful and refreshed. And you know what? I didn’t die, the world didn’t end, I’m still an overall happy person and everything is ok. What did happen was that I realized that it’s ok to let go of the controls, you don’t have to be happy all the time because no-one is, and that a good cry may just be the best thing that can happen right now.

So, next time someone tries to sell you the idea that people can be happy all the time and that everyone is perfect, give them the boot, don’t give your power away and remember that we are all beautifully imperfect.

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