Client understands that the Company (Ilse Passet Ltd), is not an agent, publicist, accountant, financial planner, lawyer, psychotherapist, psychologist, doctor or any other licensed or registered professional. Coaching, which is NOT directive advice, counseling, or therapy, may address overall goals, present challenges, or general conditions in Client’s life or profession. Company promises that all information provided by Client will be kept strictly confidential, as permissible by law.

Client understands Coach is not an employee, agent, lawyer, doctor, registered dietician, psychotherapist, nutritionist, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional. Coach will not act as a therapist providing psychoanalysis, psychological counseling or behavioral therapy. Client understands this Program will not provide health care, medical or nutrition therapy services; or diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. Client understands if they should experience any such issues they should see their registered physician or other practitioner as determined by their own judgment.

Client understands that life coaching is NOT medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.