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Whether you are just starting, or you have been in business for a while, I can help you set up and grow your business. I have more than 17 years of marketing experience and I have successfully launched and grown my own coaching brand. I currently help solopreneurs across all disciplines to set up and grow their practice without wasting time and money and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.

I have a different approach to building and growing brands. I market my business from the heart, in a way that is effective and is also aligned with my values. I don’t follow the latest marketing gimmicks or use fear to grow my business. I teach this approach through my business coaching and tailor my sessions each one of my clients.

Business Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You recently qualified and want to get set up quickly
  • You want your practice to support your lifestyle
  • You want to build an authentic brand
  • You want to grow your client base
  • You wish to get over your fears and limiting beliefs
  • You are tired of all the gimmicks and courses that are out there
  • You want a life full of purpose

How we work together

I work with clients face to face, on Skype or the phone. For in-person sessions, I see clients in Maida Vale or St John’s wood in London.

I use an authentic and eclectic approach to life coaching incorporating ideas and tools form science, psychology and spirituality. I tailor my approach to each one person instead of just giving them a prescription or a set of rules that would not work anyway.

Coaching Packages:

I offer a range packages designed to help new and established service-based businesses.  If you want to learn more book a free consultation.

SetUp for Success – Business Starter Package – (£1,495)

      • What is it?
        Ideal for solopreneurs in service-based businesses, this package is designed to provide you with all the tools required to start your business.

      • How can it help me?
        This package can help you build an authentic brand that attracts clients that naturally resonate with your values. We will develop a business blueprint with critical steps for building your business and avoiding costly mistakes. We will work on limiting beliefs and any blocks that are holding you back from moving forward

      • What does it include?
        12 face-to-face or Skype sessions, access to premium goal tracking tool, welcome package sent through the post.

Accelerated Business Growth – (£695)

      • What is it?
        Ideal for established businesses, this package will help you get clarity on where your business is and the best way to move forward.

      • How can it help me?
        This package will help you test your brand success and reposition if required. We will create a footprint for getting more clients and explore other ways of growing the business. We will also assess limiting beliefs and any blocks that are keeping you from taking your business to the next level

      • What does it include?
        6 face-to-face or Skype sessions, access to Facebook community.

Business Consulting Package- (£330)

      • What is it?
        A package designed to address a specific business challenge.

      • How can it help me?
        Gain clarity on current challenge, confidence about the right next step.

      • What does it include?
        3 face-to-face or Skype sessions, access to Facebook community.

I was fortunate to come across Ilse at the right time. Ilse uses her foundation as a coach and integrates some beautiful visualisations in her work which have been extremely powerful for me while I was working with my purpose and uncovering some blocks in my own business.
She is able to hold space beautifully and take you on an inner journey, and in every session I had no idea what was going on, only to realise towards the end what a powerful transformation took place.

However, I feel that Ilse’s unique gift is that she is able to tune into you and tell you not just the things you’re thinking and haven’t verbalised, but most importantly things you didn’t even realise you were thinking. She has been spot on every time and I am absolutely in awe at her intuitive ability. I feel this was more powerful than a coaching session because she embraces her gifts and they add so much value. I would highly recommend Ilse to anyone wanting to move ahead and discover their purpose.

-Beatrice Zornek – Business Owner

I had an excellent experience with Ilse. I was feeling confused and nervous before speaking to her. Ilse helped me identify my values and showed me how to make a decision that honoured my belief system. She guided me through a thinking pattern than allowed me to make a decision that I am certain is the right one for me. Ilse has been invaluable to me. I would recommend her to anyone who was in search of clarity in their lives.

-Paola – Canada*

I was working in a small organisation trying to set up a new department. I was feeling under a lot of strain and stress and it would seep in to my personal life on a daily basis. It got to a point where my partner suggested I needed to speak to someone outside of our relationship. Its then I started to look at life coaching. The key from being coached by Ilse was definitely working out my values; what was important to me. I worked out that my values were clashing with my workplace and manager, leading to high levels of tension in the workplace. There were also some deep issues from my previous workplace where I worked for several years.

Ilse, never judged or made assumptions. She acknowledged the way I was being treated was not right, this seems a simple thing to say, but when you are in the pressure silo, it can be difficult to know when one is being irrational. I left my unhappy job (not a direct result of life coaching) but coaching made me more assured and accept who I am. I am now working at an organisation that is more aligned with who I am and I am lot happier. Ilse was good to work with because she has also worked in the corporate world so can appreciate those difficult situations in the office environment. The range if exercises we worked through also helped.

-Garry – Building Planner*

"I would recommend Ilse to anyone looking to start or grow a business – not only will you be held accountable to practical steps, you will see new opportunities and clear the way of obstacles"

-Tom* – Entrepreneur – UK

Ilse helped me during a very stressful personal situation. Thanks to her, I was able to make up my mind about an important decision very quickly. During the coaching she helped me to see the real difficulty I was dealing with. After that everything was clear, and the solution was obvious. Thank your Ilse for your professionalism and your kindness

-Anne – France*

Ilse coached me after I went through a hurtful period and gave me the tools on how to deal with it. It was a comfortable and helpful process. Ilse is professional, understanding and has a warm personality. I will use her services again and also recommend her.

-Marouschka – Single StartUp*

Ilse is very good at what she does and you feel you can trust that she will connect you to resources, reflect back her honest feelings about a situation and she will also challenge you. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Ilse and to have found some direction with respect to our coaching topic

-Canadian Artist*

I was very happy with the coaching provided by Ilse. Everything was clearly explained from the beginning and she was very good at listening to my needs and adapting accordingly, as well as asking the tough questions to help me achieve my goals

-Jacqui- Netherlands*

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