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Hi, I’m Ilse

Transformational Coach, learning-addict and coffee lover. I help you find an ignite your purpose so you can live an abundant life, make a difference, and experience freedom and success.

My Mission

My mission is to uplift the planet by helping people succeed following their life purpose. I spent most of my life believing that life was supposed to suck, that money is king, and that the only way to be wealthy was to play by the rules.  What I discovered working as a coach is that if you find and express your purpose in all areas of your life, success is sustainable, more natural and wealth in all forms comes as a result.

My Story

I spent most of my life doing what was expected of me and pretending that everything was ok. I was dragging myself to a  job that I disliked, all the while suffering from impostor syndrome and being deeply unhappy. Eventually I turned to food to numb the negative feelings and I was depressed. Deep down inside, I knew there had to be another way but I had no idea where to start. I thought I was a just a stressed but in reality I was burnt out.

Fast forward a few years…

I gave up the belief that I had to do it all myself and enlisted external help, knowing it went against the facade I had built of the woman that had it all together. I worked with a life coach who empowered me to become more self-aware, self-loving and successful. She gave me a metaphorical box of tools that I could use whenever things got tough. The more I practiced, the easier it became to understand and manage my feelings, to react more assertively and kindly to difficult people and situations. I recovered from depression and an eating disorder by fixing the root cause of my issues, instead of focusing on fixing the symptoms. Most importantly, I found my purpose.

It took me a few years to find the courage to live my purpose, but once I started expressing that purpose in all areas of my life, everything changed. Life seemed to flow, I was happier, excited and more abundant than I ever thought possible. I had found a tribe of like minded people and was building as strong, fulfilling relationship with my husband.

These days I mostly leap out of bed (not before my first cup of coffee), I’m more self-aware and happier than ever, and when challenges or negative feelings come my way, I have an array of tools to copy with them. With my purpose as my compass I can make decisions with ease and I’m able to move forward easier than ever before.

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