Meet Ilse

I’m an accredited, top international coach, I help people from all cultural backgrounds to live powerfully by igniting the courage to make lasting changes in their lives and achieve their goals. I support my clients by providing them with a safe and confidential space where they can explore their current situation and I help them stay motivated, focused and accountable to their progress.

My Story

I’ve had the privilege of living in different countries around the world. I was born in Colombia and I have also lived in Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and a few years ago I moved to London, England. This incredible experience  has taught me resiliency, flexibility and tolerance. Moving around has also allowed me to understand how to help my clients most effectively while being sensitive to their cultural background, beliefs, and life perspective. Currently, I work with clients from all over the world.

During my nomadic adventure I learned, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and advanced in my Marketing Career, achieving one of my life goals – to be in a leadership position where I could make a difference. Moving around has also helped me understand the nature of change and the best strategies to effect lasting changes in my life and in the lives of the people I support.

My own life coaching journey started a few years ago when I discovered that this non-advisory discipline could help me achieve my goals on my own terms, without having to follow somebody else’s path. I found coaching at a point in my life when I felt that while I was achieving my career goals and quickly climbing the corporate ladder but I was not doing it in my own terms. I felt that I was following someone else’s path and often going against my own values. I found coaching effective, impactful and inspiring and that’s the reason I decided to become an accredited transformational life coach.

These days I still work with my own coach regularly on my next set of goals. I also keep up with the latest scientific, self-help and spiritual research and tools to help my clients and myself move forward.

When I’m not coaching you can find me:

  • Traveling with my husband
  • Reading
  • Listening to Audiobooks
  • Swimming
  • Practicing Yoga

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