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Ready to live powerfully?

Are you ready to take the next step but you are feeling confused, stuck or stressed?

You know you are smart and driven, yet you are stuck when it comes to taking the next step or making a decision. Perhaps you have been trying for months or years, to find a job you love, gain more confidence at work or find and live your life purpose, but you just can’t seem to get there. You may feel lost, confused, or stressed and you keep going over the same thoughts in your head time and again. Maybe you have used the free resources at your disposal – books, videos and courses but you still haven’t reached your desired outcome.

Even the smartest and most successful individuals need support from time to time. That’s were I come in. I help you live powerfully – being an active participant in your life as opposed to waiting for things to just happen. I help you ignite your courage by gaining clarity and getting to the heart of the issue so that you can transform your life long after we have stopped working together.

I understand that achieving a goal or making a decision is not just that – you see all the areas of our lives are interconnected and setting the right conditions to achieve one goal or take the next step has a spillover effect on other areas leading to deep and powerful life transformations.

In my practice, I provide a safe space where we can explore your current situation and create a plan that empowers you to move forward. I help you untangle and understand your thoughts and feelings, ascertain your values and ensure that you  achieve your goals on my own terms. I understand that no two individuals are alike and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to life.

What would it mean to you if you could reach your ideal weight? Live a healthy lifestyle? Make more money? Moved forward in your career? What would it be like to feel accomplished, complete and lower your stress level? Life coaching can help you do just that!

How we work together

I work with clients face to face, on Skype or the phone. For in-person sessions, I see clients in Maida Vale or St John’s wood in London.

“We met only as persons, it was good to know that even one half-hour can make a difference in a life”

Carl Rogers, psychologist and founder of the humanistic approach.

“I felt whole, intact, in other words a person with Rogers”

– Gloria – his patient

When I meet with my clients, I provide a safe, confidential space – both physically and metaphorically, where they can express themselves without being judged. My coaching philosophy is that we are all intact as human beings, we are not wrong or broken but sometimes we are acting in ways that are not serving us. I therefore empower my clients by providing them with the tools so they are successful even after we are no longer working together.

I use an authentic and eclectic approach to life coaching incorporating ideas and tools form science, psychology and spirituality. I tailor my approach to each one person instead of just giving them a prescription or a set of rules that would not work anyway.

Coaching Packages:

My starting coaching package consists of 3 sessions that can be used over a 6-week period. The package includes face-to-face or Skype sessions and some support between sessions. I offer other comprehensive packages that I can tailor according to your needs. Call me to book a consultation.

  • 6 month package –  12 weekly or fortnightly sessions,  Progress-Tracking  Toolkit, access to my Facebook community and unlimited email support between sessions.
  • 3 month package – 6 weekly or fortnightly sessions, Progress-Tracking Toolkit, access to my Facebook community, limited email support between sessions.
  • 6 week package – 3 weekly or fortnightly sessions, limited support between sessions.