Hi, I’m Ilse

Life coach and happiness expert. I work with young professional women who feel sad, stressed and confused. With powerful positive psychology, spiritual and coaching techniques, I help you reduce stress, take the next step with confidence, and be happier than ever.

Everyone deserves to be happy. My mission is to make the world a kinder and more positive place, one person at a time. I created this place to help you get a little happier every day! I do this, by providing 1-on-1 life coaching, courses, and sharing tips, tricks and time proven techniques based on Positive Psychology – the science of happiness.

I have recovered from depression and an eating disorder. I’m grounded and I’m not happy all the time – but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! And let’s face it, life would be boring if all we got to experience were positive emotions. So, what I really do is help people achieve Optimal levels of happiness – in a nutshell – understanding what your negative emotions are telling you, addressing the root cause and getting back on the happy wagon.

I’ve been obsessed with the concept of happiness all my life. My favorite activity is going to a bookstore, Starbucks in hand, head to the self-help section and spend the afternoon lost in the new book smell and new ideas. My most shocking discovery is that happiness can be learned, even if you’ve been sad all of your life, and this is what I want to share with you.

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